Comments: Job takeaway is good for you

In summary

1. We shouldn't worry about losing high value IT jobs because new ones will be created at Tescos

2. So long as we have 'full employment' we won't worry as to the relative quality of the jobs

3. Those new jobs haven't yet been created in the US (the main offshoring country) for some reason, but they probably will be some time soon.

4. Various reports by people with a vested interest e.g. big business, large change management consultancies and offshoring representation groups will be quoted as if they were fact

5. Because manufacturing jobs were replaced by higher value jobs in an age when communication was much more limited, we can assume that history always repeats itself.

6. Indians with high degrees and low wage demands won't be given these new jobs by corporations who are looking at the financial bottom line since these corporations will have found a hitherto undiscovered compassion for their fellow man.

Posted by John Lilburne at February 24, 2004 10:15 PM