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Oh, I don't know. If you exclude the very early reports from the newswires, the majority of reporting on the fallout now seems to pretty convincing, focussing on the issue of risk aversion/re-pricing. Indeed, most of the stories and blogs I come across now on the net are about the unconvincing explanations...that's become a story in itself.

Posted by Caravaggio at March 5, 2007 09:02 PM

Down Again...and again ......and again,

Wot, no mention of the 7500 cayman island registered Hedge Funds that are controlling unrestricted some $500 trillion in interest and other junlk financial instruments. This ofcourse with the blessing and
encouragement of none other than our own financial wonder boy G.Brown. Japanese dont want to play ball anymore and would like to set interest rates to suit the 200 million japanese population.
Oh dear ....gordie what are we going to do now....sell some more gold...done that...selll some more .....public property......done that.....sell some more........wait its coming yes tax policies !
aren't I a brilliant chancelor of the exchequer?

best wishes to all,

rember no gain or losses untill you liquidate!!!

Posted by arik schickendantz at March 5, 2007 10:15 PM
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