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global warming commentary is humbug.please see the house of lords report.their conclusion was there is nothing to be done. the messianic commentary(not my phrase)is vastly over-stated. .definitely a case of lie back and enjoy it.the bbc and the liberal media are having a whale of a time scaring the whole world.i am happy to read that you are a bring a smile to my face.

Posted by richard at October 8, 2006 03:31 PM

Rather than requiring proof that it is our energy use causing global warming how about we proove that it isnt? Until we have how can we gamble with our decendents lives? Surely the whole point of life is to ensure the survival of the species? Growth? What excactly are we growing? Whats the aim? Where does it stop? Because growth will stop at some point. Why not now? The earth has taken 4 billion years to develop to this point and we just come along and suck the life out of it in a few hundred. Its easy to see how some beleive that the human race is destined to destroy itself. Whether it be through climate change or war things will come to a head. Its a shame that our children will have to reap what we have sewn. I just hope that nature finds a way to survive our greed and ignorance.

Posted by Jim at October 8, 2006 05:41 PM

Actually there is an enormous degree of consensus among independent scientists that global warming is fact. If you want to read the research funded by Exxon and Philip Morris by all means do and you'll find counter arguments - but let's stop this charade - Global Warming is not being seriously questioned by serious scientists. W are going through the fastest period of warming in 75 million years and if you think that the fact that it coincides with the industrial and post industrial revolution, an exoplosion in human population and rapidly rising CO2 emissions is just a coincidence, fine! But for heavens sake it's like learning to look both ways when you cross the road. You can cross blindfold in the belief that a truck won't hit you if you want. Me, I prefer to take precautions. And - bottom line - there are billions upon billions of dollars to be made from addressing this problem.

Posted by jonathan at October 9, 2006 03:16 AM

No, that's what the green lobby would argue - that nobody, and certainly no scientist, can disagree with them unless they're in the pay of big oil, or for some other underhand reason. It isn't true. And don't forget that the green lobby's record of telling the truth is a very poor one. But, as I was trying to argue, that is water under the bridge, almost no longer worth debating. If enough people are convinced by the dangers of global warming - which they are - then action will be taken. The question then is what that action should be taken which (a) works (b) does least damage.

Posted by David Smith at October 9, 2006 08:53 AM

Dear David -Global Warming et al

I read your column regularly and am pleased you have brought a rational and cautious mind to this area . In last Sundays article you moved on from your April 30th position .

I was however surpised you didn't mention among recent events Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Have you seen it ? Almost mandatory and if true which I beleive, most salutary. Pity he didn't spend more time on solutions - maybe that is for the sequel

For me it was as close to a damoscene moment I would hope to get to and I am now totally convineced and the only issue is what how, when etc and how much

Most of the what and how exist or at at an advanced stage of deveolpment . It is the when and the who which is the most important part of the process of change

The who will need more incentives in order to implement the what etc to accelerate the when.

I would like to suggest that next time you write about this there is more emphasis on who should be taking action and how they should be encouraged- a more micro approach. Individuals ,at home, travelling , shopping etc organisations firms ,schools government department /agencies etc

You might say that this is not for the business secion but you do write inthe main part of the paper and an economists take onthe who and the when might give a different angke and move more people forwardand also as one of your respondents commented will get more people taking advantage of this great opportinity to make some money!

New build situations are reletively easy ,retrofit is more difficult but is the greater challenge

In this context I am involved with a leading rainwater harvesting and recycling company and if you or anyone would like to know more please contact me

Posted by Stephen Hyde at October 12, 2006 08:24 AM

I have seen Al Gore present his An Inconvenient Truth in person, and it is indeed a tour de force. I did have some problems with it, in the sense that he cut a few corners. One example: He quotes NOAA data quite extensively on hurricane activity - Katrina being a defining 'global warming' event for many Americans. But the NOAA said in its report on the 2005 hurricane season that there was no evidence global warming had played any role. This hurricane season, you'll note, has been remarkably quiet so far.

Just to be clear. I still have doubts - but things have moved on - there is a critical mass of belief in global warming so the debate is now about the right kind of policies to pursue.

Posted by David Smith at October 12, 2006 09:59 AM

Dear David

This is not for posting .
Until last night I had not realised that my note had got through-pity about the spelling not able to spell check on your site
Thank you for putting up and your comments
While I agree with some and policy will help it is as I said about actions that inviduals/organisations will take etc so rather than wait for policy which is like Godot .We alL need to get on with what we can do and influence todaye.g I have just joined the Board of a major housing assocaition and my thems will be ecofrindly building and fuel poverty
In Nottigham I am pushing hard for earlier adoption for Merton Planning rules and getting somewhere and have now got a commitment from the politicain in charge of schools that all schools built from now on will have a full eco spec etc

We are making changes at home

On the policy front the Companies Bill which was going through Parliament yesterday and is very close to legisaltion will totoally change the regulatory framework for all companies in the Uk on environmental reporting and more importantly accelaerate action

I dont know whether you have come across I think you will find of interest as they are very involved in the City with fund mamagers etc determing carbon profiles etc of companies and funds etc .Incidentally founded by a group of economists and likley to go to AIM early next year. If you go to their site and click 'Tools for Companies' you will see Guide to the Companies Bill which clearly sets out the upcoming postionand developments

As and when passed could trigger a story?

Incidentally I was in Homebase buying lightbulbs yesterday and own brand ecofriendy were 3.99 each!!

Enough from me

Best Regards Stephen

Posted by stephen hyde at October 20, 2006 07:42 AM

Dear everyone,
I am extremely happy in seeing a degree of rationalism here, as I find it one of the most precious attributes to mankind, on the contrary to political or other kinds of bias.
Yet must one not be biased in this very case, towards the maintaining our all-precious ecosystem functioning correctly? in the end, it is what keeps us alive and healthy, and undeniably we are ruining it. chemical contamination, waste and carbon emissions are undeniably major risk hazards and are piling up on our planet, beginning to loom on us. This is why in this single matter I will support extremists that will defend it, even at the cost of sacrificing rationalism for once.

Posted by Edoardo at October 21, 2006 01:16 PM
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