Comments: Amid the uncertainty, a powerful case for nuclear

Nuclear has always been a good idea for the UK. End of story. In Japan, with approximately double the UK's population, they have no less than 52 nuclear power plants in operation (they're building three more this year too).

Pish-tush and boo ha ha to the doomsayers about the economy. The city is booming, house prices have stabilised on a welcome breather, inflation is very low and debt is under control with no prospect of rising interest rates. This is the Old Lady panicking to cover her rear, that's all.

Posted by Grahame Woolfson at July 16, 2006 11:53 PM

We face the same problems with nuclear now as we ever did - the cost of building plants, the even greater cost of decommissioning them, the fact that however good we get at building them the human factor in the safety equation hasn't changed. But what does amaze me is that a century of experience of the political machinations resulting from the need to maintain stable oil supplies didn't encourage western countries to find alternative power sources sooner.

As for the economic jitters - when you've had a sustained period of growth where conditions have been close to perfect by historic standards it's only a matter of time before some of the factors that have sustained that perfect scenario change - and the likelihood is that they change for the worse.

Nothing has yet happened to suggest that we will ever break out of the cycles that have defined our economic history since the dawn of trade. Recession is just recalibration - it's to be expected. Our challenge is to acknowledge that such periods are inevitable and to learn to mitigate the human and social costs.

I suspect Mr Wolfson belongs to the Branson School of Economics - which holds that balloons can go up indefinitely.

Posted by Jonathan at July 17, 2006 02:23 AM
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