Comments: Beware the tide of angry immigrants

Fear is not a successful strategy. It is a strategy that is always dominated. Please use reason when reasoning.

Posted by victor-bravo at April 2, 2006 03:10 PM

A good description of immigration as a consequence of economics.

It however leaves out consideration of other factors which drive immigration such as public policy to serve other demands such as social, cultural and political objectives. e.g. family, refugees, demographics, linguistics. If these are added to economic demands and in the end are less tractible , then the conclusion about risks is even greater.

The experience of many traditional immigration countries is that when conditions require reductions the intractable public policy groups stay on in ever growing queues which cannot be waived away, and which eat up future capacity .

Posted by Ishmael at April 4, 2006 12:08 PM

Here's an idea: get rid of all trade barriers. End protectionism and in particular the Common Agricultural Policy. By blocking imports of farm products (and textiles and clothing) our masters in the EU (ie France), consistently and with great success over the past few decades have:

-Kept more people in farming than otherwise, leading to shortages of labour in manufacturing and services; and

-Blighted the prospects of economic development in poor countries.

The result has been demand for, and supply of, reluctant immigration the worst sort into the EU and Britain, by people with no other chance of providing decently for themselves and their families. Allowing these people to trade freely with us means they could stay behind and contribute to development in their own homelands. It would staunch reluctant migration to Europe and boost demand for our goods and services overseas. Getting rid of the CAP is an essential first step on the road to EU rationality.

Posted by Ronnie Horesh at April 16, 2006 11:59 AM