Comments: Interest rates - up or down?

It amazes me that the Shadow MPC have voted 5-4 for a cut. Have they never heard about global pressures? The reason the high street is currently suffering is due partly to most peoples wages going directly to the bank due to debt or housing. What caused this? Well low interest rates causing low borrowing rates. The FED and the ECB are currently factoring in interest rate rises, so if sterling sinks due to not matching, then we will import inflation. As far as I am aware we don't export much, so won't benefit from sterling falling (hence the global pressures).

Posted by Kev M at March 7, 2006 07:30 PM

well if interest rates go down,UK plc is basically admitting it's in real trouble,even eurozone is hiking rates now with 10% unemployment.

Posted by ebeneezer good at March 7, 2006 08:38 PM
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