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Anti globalisation movement is merely a reaction to a problem that people notice. It does not have any solutions yet other than the usual reactionary ones of bring down the IMF, WTO etc.

- just like Al Quaeda is a reaction by a group of radicals to problems that only ordinary the Arab world has experienced.

Whatever the nature of the REACTION the fact remains that there is a problem , which people notice and have limited means to bring about change.

An example of the problem, (excerpts from a BBC 2 video journal of a travel journalist , aired on the 24th June)
oil production in the NIGER DELTA. The sixth richest country in terms of oil production. Potential benefit to the country
near to no benefits to the local community (the LOCAL palm oil production facility in tatters owing to ignoring of traditional industries by the government - they have to import their palm oil now)
Oil spillages from underground pipes destroying the LOCAL water ways and habitat. - a shocking scene showed the burnt trees that extended miles, a lady carrying all her belongings on her back escaping her oil damaged farm on which she had planted cassava, potatoes
No compensation for the damage caused by the multinationals
Sub standard health facilities.

THE REACTION in the niger delta
growth of fundamentalism, - a LOCAL dissillusioned, jobless educated youth training young kids at a Local Islamic school to be like Osama

end of one of many examples.

So you see a trend. A PROBLEM , NO SOLUTION and THEREFORE A REACTION. You dont have to agree with anti globalist but econominsts cant be that blind to the PROBLEMS

This same trend can be seen in NAOMI KLEINS book NO LOGO.
A litany of real PROBLEMS interconnected with each other. She makes a connection between the worship of BRANDS and denegration of labour rights. And another list of REACTIONS, from what i can recall, at the final chapters of her book but no REAL SOLUTIONS.

That doesnt mean the PROBLEMS listed are not REAL , just because she has only reacted to a problem.

You dont need a postgraduate degree or a PHD , just a pair of eyes to see the PROBLEM. THE REACTION desnt need much thinking - that why it is the first resort.
The SOLUTION requires some thinking. maybe a PHD, or postgrad to catalyse local development.

The anti globalist seem to be saying
solve these problems first , then think about integrating global processes and institutions..
The blind worship of profits and share prices for them seem to be
causing these problems but they have no solution , just reactionary radical ones.

Economist should know better. Economists should drop their statistical tables, look out for the real problems happening on the ground, and come up with solutions for these PROBLEMS.

not just pen books that are just reactions to reactions. THIN AIR

Posted by Kev at June 25, 2004 12:25 PM

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