Comments: No early release from the shackles of higher tax

You Can't have it Both ways on Tax.

So the Rich are complaining they are not getting the full benefit of their taxes are they?

Consider this m'lud.

The reason taxes are higher is because people (including the rich otherwise they wouldn't have supported Mr Blair quite as much) want better public services like Health and Education. These services (hopefully) will produce a higher quality Human Capital (if I can call it that). Now the top ten percent of the population are most likely the employers of this Human Capital and therefore profit in its use, becuse their companies (combined with more flexible labour laws) make more money (go on, tell me I'm wrong.. please). Therefore they should really consider it an investment and not a burden.

OK, so if they stopped paying taxes like they do now, what will happen? Well, Mr Brown could borrow a lot of money (ala Mr Bush - where woulde HE be now without the Japanese). That would eventually cause rates to rise, so I expect the Rich would feel the pinch there. Also ,they would start to have less productive employees and (possibly) get mugged, so their overall quality of life would suffer - unless you want to live in a gated community that is.

Thank you very much, case dismissed!


Posted by James Saunders at June 3, 2004 01:41 PM