Comments: Honey, I'd shrink the banks

RBS would be prime for having some of its 20 or so subsidiaries jettisoned (would they count as privatisations?). Surely though regulating the size of banks would depend on the incoming Conservative government's willingness to act. I'm not really a politico but i would guess that that willingness would have something to do with who funds the party's election campaign, 2010 won't be 1997 - they still need to put in some effort.

Also, on your previous article on jobs i would happily lay the odds that we get over 3 million unemployed before March 2010. Temporarily ignoring the increased labour market flexibility, From the previous three daddy-recessions unemployment continued to rise well after the first quarterly increase in output, i'm thinking of LFS working age unemployed Oct 1977: 1.48 mln (5.8%); Apr 1984: 3.22 mln (12.1%); Jan 1993 3.0 (10.9%), on the same measure Jun 2009 2.43 mln (8.1%). I just don't think job creation and demand is there to halt the march beyond 3 million.

Finally, also in relation to your last article, can you explain why Yvette Cooper makes me really really angry whenever she tries to talk economics.

"The first was from the Department for Work and Pensions. Yvette Cooper, its secretary of state, ordered an investigation into why the two main unemployment measures, the claimant count and the Labour Force Survey measure, were diverging."

Hurrah! for the return of the comments board.

Posted by Johnny Blaze at October 18, 2009 09:19 PM