Comments: Recession and other terrorist myths

Building an international coalition is beyond the Bush Administration? How clever. Is France in? Well no it actively worked against the liberation of Iraq because it was more interested in sweet heart oil contracts. Is Germany in? Well no, too many export dollars would go away. How about Russia? Well no, it was arming Iraq. How about the UN? No again. It would have to give up it's cut of the oil for palaces program.

Ever hear of the list of the bribes given by Saddam via oil vouchers? It's long and only proves how cheaply the sophisticates of Europe are nothing more than common whores.

The baggage of Iraq is rich. Would that baggage include a budding Democracy in the heart of the repressive middle-east? Or are you referring to the mass-graves and human paper schredders of the Bathists?

Waiting on the next American administration to usher in the golden age of diplomacy? Your boy Kerry is certainly up to the task. After claiming he has the support of many world leaders, he quickly ran away from his statements. He can't even get the new Spanish prime minister to rethink his commitment to withdraw from Iraq.

Exactly what world do you live in? Iraq is moving toward democracy, the Taliban are gone, Libya has shipped it's WMD's to the US, Libya has turned on and is providing info on the shadow underground trade in nuclear technology, Iran is stumbling toward inspections, Syria is pleading for Austrialia's help to get out from under the glare of US actions against this terror state, the nations around North Korea are working in tandum against this threat. Give George Bush another term and he might run the table. Can you provide me with some accomplishments of mulit-lateral and diplomatic action that actually solved problems? The first Gulf war is a classic case of the coalition defining the goals rather than the reverse. And what did we get, another ten plus years of Saddam rather the another ten plus years of a possible democracy in Iraq. Yes, I blame Bush, the first Bush.

Oh, and bye the way, the US economy is proving to be the strongest in the world. And you conviently forget the other element of fiscal policy that kick shoved the economy, marginal tax cuts.

Posted by Gary B at March 28, 2004 05:36 PM

The problem with the reassuring statistics about the recovery of the American economy after 9/11 is that the next big event might be on a different scale. If Chicago is leveled by a nuclear weapon, or just has to be evacuated due to a dirty bomb, the economy (and the stock market) might not be as resilient. And we know that chemical attacks on London were being planned, that Pakistan and North Korea willingly trade all kind of weapons, and that Al-Qaeda and co. have no compunction about mass murdering as many westerners as they possiblly can.
So it's a bit presumptuous to say terrorism will not have a significant effect on the economy.

Posted by Me at April 16, 2004 04:23 AM
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