Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Something Will Turn Up
Posted by David Smith at 03:00 PM
Category: Thoughts and responses


My new book, Something Will Turn Up, is published on Thursday July 16. More about it here soon but, in the meantime, here is the descrption from by publisher, Profile:

Overcoming economic decline, inflation and mass unemployment have challenged successive Chancellors of the Exchequer. One of Britain's leading economic journalists explains why some of them have made a better fist of it than others.

As the prevailing winds of the global economy have changed, so Britain has been buffeted from boom to bust and back again. But how much is our country's economic landscape shaped by the huge forces of international capital - and the hope that 'something will turn up' - and how much by the individual men and women at the heart of our economic policy?

David Smith forged his career as a leading economic journalist during the country's traumatic transition from the 'workshop of the world' to the playground of international financiers. Something Will Turn Up is his account of the chancellors, prime ministers, Bank of England governors and senior officials Smith has encountered and interviewed over the last five decades, and their impact on the realities of modern British life since the war. Smith leads us through the mire of government policy and long-term trends with wit and clarity to paint a vivid, personal picture of how we got to now - and where we might go from here.