Friday, May 10, 2013
Trade improves
Posted by David Smith at 12:00 PM
Category: Thoughts and responses

Britain's overall trade deficit narrowed to 3.1 billion in March, from 3.4 billion in February (originally reported at 3.6 billion). The value of exports increased by 3.5% between February and March, while imports rose by 2.6%. Britain's EU trade deficit widened to 5.6 billion from 5 billion, while the non-EU deficit narrowed from 4.2 billion to 3.5 billion.

The performance of non-EU trade, discussed by me last Sunday, is particularly interesting. The volume of non-EU exports has risen by 36% since 2009, the trough of the recession, while the volume of exports to the EU is up by 5%. But there is a long way to go. The trend in the trade deficit is flat. More here.