Thursday, July 05, 2012
Another £50 billion of QE
Posted by David Smith at 12:05 PM
Category: Thoughts and responses

The Bank of England, as expected, announced a further £50 billion of quantitative easing, while leaving Bank rate unchanged at 0.5%. Economic weakness and concerns about the eurozone, along with falling inflation, triggered the move.

This is what the Bank said about the economy: "UK output has barely grown for a year and a half and is estimated to have fallen in both of the past two quarters. The pace of expansion in most of the United Kingdom’s main export markets also appears to have slowed. Business indicators point to a continuation of that weakness in the near term, both at home and abroad. In spite of the progress made at the latest European Council, concerns remain about the indebtedness and competitiveness of several euro-area economies, and that is weighing on confidence here. The correspondingly weaker outlook for UK output growth means that the margin of economic slack is likely to be greater and more persistent.

"CPI inflation fell to 2.8% in May and is likely to edge down further in the near term. Commodity prices have fallen, which should help to moderate external price pressures. And pay growth remains subdued. Given the continuing drag from economic slack, that should ensure inflation continues to ease into the medium term."

The full statement is here.