Tuesday, November 09, 2010
Industrial production up, still waiting for the trade improvement
Posted by David Smith at 11:30 AM
Category: Thoughts and responses

Manufacturing output edged up by a mere 0.1% in September though industrial production overall rose by 0.4%. The year on year growth rates were 4.8% and 3.8% respectively. Growth over the quarter was in line with the GDP numbers, so do not suggest any need for revisions. More details here.

There was a marginal improvement in Britain's trade position, with the goods and services deficit narrowing from 4.9 billion to 4.6 billion in September and the deficit on goods slipping from 8.5 billion to 8.2 billion. Any celebration has to be tempered by the fact that both deficits for August were revised up by 0.3 billion. More here.