Friday, February 26, 2010
Osborne's Mais lecture
Posted by David Smith at 09:15 PM
Category: Thoughts and responses


I've only just got round to reading George Osborne's Mais lecture of a couple of days ago and it is rather good, one of the clearest expositions of the economic challenges facing Britain you'll come across.

It includes: "First, a new approach to macroeconomic and financial policy, where we seek to contain credit cycles as well as target price stability.

"Second, a new fiscal policy framework, with an independent Office for Budget Responsibility to ensure that public debt is sustainable.

"And third, a supply side revolution that releases the pent up enterprise and wealth creation of our country, encourages a nation of savers, and addresses the long term structural weaknesses that no government has ever properly tackled - like poor education and a welfare system that traps people in workless poverty." The lecture is worth a read, here.