Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Manufacturing flat, house prices up
Posted by David Smith at 10:00 AM
Category: Thoughts and responses

Manufacturing output stagnated in October, disappointingly, and showed a fall of 7.8% on a year earlier. Overall industrial production was also flat and showed an annual fall of 8.4%. Manufacturing showed a three-monthly fall of 0.5%, overall industrial production a hefty 1.4% drop. The picture will look better when the weak August number drops out of the calculation but still represents a feeble upturn. More here.

House prices, meanwhile, showed a hefty 1.4% rise in November according to Lloyds Bank/Halifax. On the Halifax's way of calculating it, this was still 1.6% lower than a year earlier, though on a raw basis prices in November were up 1.8% on November 2008 and significantly higher than in December 2008. More details here.