Saturday, March 03, 2007
The Age of Turbulence
Posted by David Smith at 09:00 AM
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That's the title of Alan Greenspan's forthcoming autobiography, due out in September, and he contributed to some of it last week with his warnings of a "possible" US recession. That, along with China market woes, geopolitical worries (Iran) and losses on the yen carry trade, sent markets tumbling, with the Dow down more than 500 points on the week and the FTSE more than 300 lower. How serious are these risks? Probably no more than they were a week ago. But markets were due a correction.


Itís a bit late but I just came across a reference to the context of Greenspanís remarks:

What did Greenspan really say?

It looks as though this was more a case of media wish fulfilment than any assertions by our old friend, Alan.

Posted by: sandid at March 8, 2007 10:57 AM
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