Thursday, June 01, 2006
Trust us, we're Tories
Posted by David Smith at 01:30 PM
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George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, appears to be running the Tory party this week in David Cameron's absence.


In a speech on tax in Manchester he has promised to simplify the tax system but moved away from any idea of introducing a flat tax in Britain.

He has also said "up-front promises of tax cuts are very unlikely to be on offer at the next election". The Tories, as he has said before, will put stability ahead of tax cuts. Surely what he means is that the Tories will put maintaining Labour's level of public spending - give or take a little bit here or there - ahead of tax cuts.


Who cares?
Not me - I'm getting out.
Will let you know if Canada meets expectations.

Posted by: pat at June 1, 2006 06:09 PM
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